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Macula Health Complete

Macula Science has developed a new physician recommended formula, Macula Health Complete,  that incorporates an AREDS II formula with a Multivitamin and optimal Lutein and Zeaxanthin levels.  Bilberry, grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q are added based on evidence supporting their benefits as well. 

This dietary supplement formulation was created to help patients reduce the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Maximum protection is achieved when combined with our Omega-3 Complete formulation and the proper diet.  Age-protective antioxidants are included in the multivitamin balancing the benefits of this supplement.

Macula Health Complete Stick Pack 

NO PILLS! This is the first stick pack AREDS II formula allowing precise once daily dosing of the supplement with a pleasant orange flavor. Naturally sweetened with stevia. 

Mix one stick pack with 8oz of water or about half of one of our Macula Science water bottles. One stick pack equates to 3 of our Macula Health Complete capsules.


Omega-3 Complete

Omega-3 fatty acids were also shown to slow AMD progression in the Areds II study, particularly in those patients that do not have a high intake of omega-3 enriched foods like salmon and cod.  Optimal levels of DHA and EPA are combined in our formula for maximum protection.  Our Omega-3 Complete formulation does not contain additive vitamin E and other impurities that may have an adverse effect on systemic health.

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